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Another epic class (third in a row)

I arrived at the studio last night to see there were two adult men ready to try class. One was out of shape. He was heavy and soft. The other guy was thin and looked to be in better shape.

When adult men try taekwondo, Grandmaster has a system to see if they can be taught, of if their ego will prevent them.

This system is to push the entire class almost to the point of passing out and then keeping them right at that point for the remainder of the class.

Princess Narrowass had been all tough guy before the class. When I introduced myself he didn't bother to share his name.

RegularJoe was eager, humble and polite.

Princess Narrowass didn't last 15 minutes. Worse, when Grandmaster asked him to stay in the studio, he went in the waiting area. Grandmaster asked him to return to class and he refused and stayed in the waiting area. Grandmaster then sent someone to ask him to leave. Glad I didn't waste time on him.

RegularJoe? He stayed for the whole class. He didn't finish every exercis. Few did, including the children blackbelts. Finishing wasn't the point, the point was getting to the edge and pushing it back further, wherever the edge was for that individual.

This guy we can teach. I talked to him afterwards and told him the secret - show up and do as much as you can.

Me? Heh, I kept up with the other two higher ranking students who are 18 and 24.

I think, as much as I am worried about whether my feet can handle it, I need to start doing roadwork.


This client scheduled a meeting that means I will miss my train. OK, I don't mind terribly.

But 15 minutes after the meeting is supposed to start, he's missing. That means I am waiting probably for nothing. Bonus: his email basically says "Something is broken", so there is nothing I can do to prep or anything

The trip thus far...

My 3G vanished at the PA border so I've been off the net for a couple of days.

The trip is going well. Did a bit of geocaching, did some RPGing for the first time in years.

The campground is right on the lake and it's half deserted which is a plus.

A bit surprised how rural it is... I expected it to be like the White Mountains in NH, but it's only as developed as the White Mountains were about 15 years ago. Cell signal, but just barely.

It is beautiful tho.

The Myasis Dragon

(If you say it out loud it will make more sense. The UK spelling is Myarsis Dragon)

Grandmaster pushed us all very hard last night. Most of us were outside our comfort zone during the first few minutes and by the end of the class there were a lot of very tired students.

At one point during the partner stretching I commented my partner was rather light in weight. Grandmaster took over and helped me remember what my pain limitations were.

At the end of class I felt like a white belt.

And yet I'm looking forward to the next class.


Class was epic last night. 15 minutes into the class it became an exercise in not passing out.

In general, I need to do more to increase my wind. I am glad however that I could do 100 jumping jacks, 30 pushups, 30 sit ups and 20 side sit ups on both sides in the space of about 15 minutes.

Spaced in between the cardio we ran 2/3 a mile and did innumerable kicks as a "break".

Sore today, but it's a good sore.


Sir Patrick Stewart!


Coworker's wife had a baby last month. Little guy has been in the infant critical care unit since birth. Since he's downtown that makes him a lifelong Bostonian.

I went into the coworker's cube this morning to ask him a question and it was clear he was fighting back tears.

I know none of you know him, but have a good thought for his little guy today if you can.

That authentic smoky Quebec flavor.

Generally I love all things Quebecois, but the smoke from the forest fires there has made it's way here. You can smell it, taste it and there is a light yellow pall cast over everything.

Be careful being strenuous outside today!

How strong is it in the Boston?

various foul words

I made a WTB post on craigslist looking for a unicycle.

One of the replies was clearly a scam artist. Proud that I'd figured it out, I deleted the message.

The second was an inquiry asking me if I was still interested. I responded in the affirmative. That person responded back and told me he had posted on on freecycle.com and posted a link.

I followed the link [STUPID] and filled out the form to join [MORE STUPID] including providing a password.

The trifecta? I used my "insecure" throwaway password. It's now compromised. Now I have to figure out how compromised I am.

Xmortis, with luck

For one reason or another we've had bad luck with Friday nite surprises.

Hopefully we'll avoid that and actually make it down.

Bonus: the black suede kilt is complete!

I'd been looking for an interesting ways to fasten it. As some of you know, pervious models were usually on the verge of dropping off, or required silliness to keep it on my hips.

I was trolling the kilt sites and got inspired and made fasteners out of these large D rings I'd gotten. Best and most stable fit yet.

Hopefully I get to show it off.