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Главной достопримечательностью Судака, его визитной карточкой является отлично сохранившаяся до наших дней Генуэзская крепость - памятник мирового значения, а также Музей историко-архитектурного заповедника - «Судакская крепость». Её строительство генуэзцы начали ещё в 1365 году…
Прекрасен в Судаке Алчак-Кая - один из природных заповедников Крыма. Он знаменит причудливым сквозным отверстием в скале - гротом Эолова арфа.

С востока Судака, от мыса Алчак до величественного мыса Меганом, пролегает Капсельская долина с бухтой Капсель, с её многочисленными, уютными для отдыха бухточками и прекрасными пляжами.

Будут интересны туристам и архитектурные здания бывшей немецкой колонии (в том числе, лютеранская кирха, построенная в 1887 году), и православный Свято-Покровский собор, возведённый в конце ХIХ века. Также внимание отдыхающих обязательно привлекут аквапарк в Судаке «Водный мир» и дегустационный зал винзавода «Судак» с хорошо сохранившимся винным подвалом, старейшим в Крыму.

За последние годы курорт Судак для лучшего приёма своих гостей построил много прекрасных гостиниц, отелей, соответствующих всем нормам комфортного отдыха. В Судаке также очень заметно повысился уровень сервиса в местах обслуживания туристов. Современные рестораны, кафе, зоны отдыха всегда готовы к приёму отдыхающих, а доступные цены на всё всегда привлекали и привлекают в Судак гостей из многих стран.

Море здесь чистое, ласковое, тёплое… Прекрасные пляжи Судака и Капсельские пляжи (песчаные, галечные, скалистые), вполне комфортные и чистые, подходят и для семейного отдыха с детьми, и для активного туристического отдыха.

Приехав в Судак один раз, туристы возвращаются сюда вновь и вновь - так притягателен этот уютный курорт!

Один из лучших в юго-восточном Крыму курортов, город Судак с нетерпением ждёт гостей!

A thought

I've been doing martial arts so long I forget that other folks don't have an outlet for their aggression and frustration like I do.

I'm not saying I'm more patient than others, but I seem to be able to keep thinking longer before fight or flight kicks in.

This past weekend I was confronted with a violent situation and that longer fuse prevented violence entirely which was doubly fortunate because the situation was far from what it seemed.

What the hell is it with Newcastle?

I just found out yet another interesting person is from Newcastle: Charlie Hunnam who plays Jax on Sons of Anarchy.

Sic him internets!

The first commenter here is openly advocating eugenics to solve AIDS.

Have fun!

Blame theophania

So I have an email in my draft folder waiting to be sent. The only thing wanting is courage.

theophania and I had a discussion several months back about martial arts for the blind. Basically I said that I could certainly teach a blind person a martial art form and could also teach them to break a board.

I've been contemplating this for a while and have decided to contact a local association for the blind and see if one of their clients would be willing to work with me to develop a system.

I'm a bit intimidated by the goal I've set before me and the time investment that will be required, but I want to do this.

First, to prove it can be done. Second, to document whatever system I develop and encourage others to improve it. Third, to use the brave person as an exemplar to get people off the couch.

Lastly, it will not hurt my chances at high rank promotion.

I think I need to talk to starfire91 one more time about it.


No, two hours of blackbelt class were not enough for you, no you had to go swimming and do laps for another half hour.

Yeah, am sore today and it's going to be a late night because of the quarterly meeting.

But at least there is free booze at the finish line.

*blink blink*

How did this happen?

I have just found that I am the sole moderator for one of the largest and longest-lived maillists devoted to the modern worship of the Gods of Ancient Greece.

Boosting the signal

Texas GOP Official Platform Calls for Imprisonment of Homosexuals and Supportive Heterosexuals

Yeah, really. Read it for yourself. What the fuck is wrong with people?

This next video is dedicated to the Texas Republic Party:

Thanks to brigidsblest for bringing this to my attention.

To iTunes or not to iTunes...

My ipod has been orhpaned since december when our house computer had it's meltdown.

I haven't installed itunes on the new house computer yet. The music is all backed up on the terabyte drive so it's safe, but I'm still on the fence about the next step.

I hate buying music from apple. I love buying mp3s from amazon and ripping from CDs I have bought.

I hate syncing with iTunes. I just want to put music on my music player.

I'm thinking about using Rockbox instead.

Rockbox is replacement software for the software in the ipod. It appeals to the hacker in me because it's got tons of features and is extensible.

And you can copy music from anything onto it.

This might be my project for tonight.
In last night's class we were asked to do a jumping kick.

Basically we jump, lift both legs and kick with both legs at the same time at two targets held at chest level and return to the ground.

I nearly fell over on the first try because I got the physics all wrong, but after a moment's reflection I figured it out for the rest of the 20 sets.

I am getting pretty good at some of this martial arts stuff.

Also, welcome robthegodofwar to my friends list. He was my partner at tkd last nite and we hang out quite a bit.